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IDM Cracker For All Version – Full Guide of IDM Cracker

Introduction Of IDM Cracker

In the present world, almost all of us are connected to the Internet in some way. We all access our files and videos and music online. You can access all types on content on the Internet including images, videos, music, documents, flash animations, games and what not. IDM Cracker 

The amount of content on the Internet has reached an unimaginable limit. Did you know that 90% of all the information in the world was created in just the last 10 years? That is A LOT! IDM Cracker download

With the ever-increasing types and a variety of content, is increasing the size of the files on the Internet. Earlier, each file used to be in Kilobytes, then the files reached Megabytes and now the file sizes have reached Gigabytes. Who knows each file in the future might even reach Terabyte!

IDM Cracker Download  – License

Because of the massive amounts of files and a massive amount of file sizes, it gets very tough to manage and properly download all the files from the Internet. It is very frustrating to download the files and organize them in proper folders and check which files are properly downloaded. It is a lot of hassle just to download and store files properly on your computer.

Furthermore, if there is even the slightest of network problem or the electricity went off or the speed of the internet is slow, the file might stop downloading. You might have waited hours to download a single file. But, when it reached 90%, suddenly there occurred a problem with the network and BAM! Hours of time and bandwidth wasted for absolutely nothing!

Wouldn’t life be easier if there was a tool which could take care of all your downloads for you? Wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to do was select the file that you need to download and something would just take care of organizing your files, continue downloads even after network errors and boost the download speed?

Well, there is a great tool which can do all of this AND MUCH MORE for you. “Internet Download Manager” is a download manager which takes care of your downloads and can boost downloads speeds by up to 5 times. Let’s see what Internet Download Manager really is.

About  IDM Cracker 

Internet Download Manager (IDM Cracker)  is a download manager that helps you attain faster speeds of download for all your files. Using this tool, you can boost up your download speed by 5x. You not only get a boost in the download speed, you will also be able to continue browsing normally on your browsers.

Internet Download Manager is a great download manager which gives you the ability to pause and resume downloads as per your comfort. You can even schedule which files you need to download and the time in which you want them to be downloaded. Sounds useful, right?

Internet Download Manager Crack

Internet Download Manager is a smart and handy manager which organizes your files automatically according to its category.

There are a pre-defined set of rules which classify your download files as images, audio files, movies, software, documents and all sorts of different formats. After you select the file to download, Internet Download Manager automatically recognizes the file and places it in the appropriate folder. No need to worry about sorting files every time a file is downloaded.

Internet Download Manager Crack is compatible with all modern browsers, so you can use it on any browser that you are using.

Internet Download Manager has a huge developer team which updates its code regularly to incorporate as many browsers as possible. This gives the ability to everyone to use Internet Download Manager as their default download manager.

It is also compatible will all Windows Operating system including the latest Windows 10. It also operates on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. More about this in the following section.

Internet Download Manager

The best thing about Internet Download Manager is that it is very user-friendly and anyone can use it. Since Internet Download Manager has been in the market for a very long time, its User Interface is very intuitively designed for maximum ease of use. Not only it is this tool browser and OS friendly, it is also user-friendly. Now, that is what I call an all-rounder tool.

There are tons and tons of features in Internet Download Manager. Let’s take a look at the most important ones in the following sections. The list is in no way an exhaustive list. The list is indicative, not exhaustive. The features mentioned below are only the most important features which will be used by most users. So, let’s take a look at some of the key features of Internet Download Manager Crack.

Features of Internet Download Manager ( IDM  Cracker ) 

IDM Crack
Features of IDM Crack

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous features and benefits of Internet Download Manager. All these features are what separates this tool from other download managers in the market.

Internet Download Manager is one of the oldest in the market which gives it an advantage over its competitors.

Here are the most important features which make everyone love Internet Download Manager Crack.

Ease of Installation

First things first using a software is one aspect. But, providing user comfort is what sets a software apart from its competitors.

Right from the moment you double click on the Install button, Internet Download Manager provides you with an intuitive process.

Other software requires you to go through a bunch of unnecessary steps and settings for getting started. On the other hand, Internet Download Manager can be installed easily in just a few steps. It would take you no more than 2 minutes to set everything up perfectly for use.

You do not even have to set all the unnecessary folders and first-time settings. Since Internet Download Manager has a large number of users, it knows what is best for their user. Most of the important settings are pre-defined in the installer so that you do not have to manually enter everything. The installer does all the heavy lifting for you.

In fact, after the software has been successfully installed on your system, it even checks the Internet connection for you so that you can start using Internet Download Manager as soon as it is installed. Now, that is what I call taking care of users.

Easy-to-use Interface

Once you have set up the download manager, you will find the main window open in front of you. If it was any other software, you might have no idea where to begin.

Other download managers bombard you with so many options to use and have no idea how to navigate. But, Internet Download Manager Crack is different.

Internet Download Manager – Download File Info

IDM Cracker  is known for its extensive research on user Interaction with the software. The User Interface is created in such a way that it is intuitive to use and the most important and most used features are directly visible.

The main options such as Add a Download, resume a download, stop a download, stop all downloads, delete a file, schedule a download and others are created as huge buttons which are clearly visible.

You do not need to waste time and effort to find those options. They are right in front of your eyes with clear text to help you start working as soon as you open Internet Download Manager.

Customizable Interface

Besides being an easy-to-use Interface, the interface is also customizable. The top bar contains all the important features with large icons.

In the central pane, you can see your download files along with some important information about it such as File size, download size etc. Since the interface is customizable, you can drag and drop the columns to the desired location of your choice.

You can choose to entirely remove the column for File size or remove the File name. If you wish to see the downloaded % first and the file name later, you can do that as well.

Internet Download Manager comes inbuilt with the best interface right off the bat. However, every person is different and every user will want to see the software in their own way. For such people, IDM Cracker is highly customizable.

Multiple file downloads

This is the feature where you can start seeing the real power of Internet Download Manager crack. When you have to download multiple from the Internet, you might have noticed that you cannot pause any download file.

You HAVE TO download all the files at the same time. This causes your downloads to hog up all your bandwidth and leave you with very low internet speed.

Either you can clog up your bandwidth, or you will have to wait for one file to download then start another download file till you complete all your downloads. This results in a lot of wasted time and lots of frustration. Here is how Internet Download Manager helps you in that case.

With this amazing download manager, you can easily download multiple files at the same time. Just select the files that you want to download and then queue them for download. You can specify if you want to download one file at a time, or any number of files that you want.

You can even download all the files at the same time if you wish to. All the other files are queued automatically and will start downloading only after the previous files have finished the download.

What’s more is that you can specify the order in which you want the files to be downloaded.You can shuffle them around as much as you want, EVEN WHEN IT IS DOWNLOADING.

Gone are the days when you were stuck with the files in the order in which you downloaded them. Thanks to Internet Download Manager crack.

Setting Download Bandwidth

Internet Download manager not only has the capability to download multiple files at once, it gives you the capability to LIMIT the bandwidth that you want to your files. By default, all browsers and most download managers use up the entire bandwidth of your Internet connection for download. You have no way to set a limit of the bandwidth that is allocated to download and leave the rest for browsing and surfing the net.

With Internet Download Manager crack, you can specify the amount of bandwidth that you want to use for download. Using this feature, you will be able to download your files at the same time be able to browse the internet easily.

This is also a handy feature for people who are given a limited internet bandwidth each day. You can set the bandwidth to download from 1 kb/s up to unlimited speed that is offered by your Internet Service Provider(ISP). This allows you to have complete control over your download speed and be able to know where your download speed is being used.

Accelerated Downloads

The greatest advantage that you have when using Internet Download Manager is that you get faster download speeds as compared to other download managers. Your download speeds can be boosted by up to 5 times using IDM Cracker. Here is the reason why.

Unlike other download managers, Internet Download Manager crack comes with its own file segmentation algorithm. Internet Download Manager also has its very own multipart download technology. This enables IDM Cracker  to cleverly segment all download files into smaller chunks.

Every time you queue a file for download, the download file is dynamically segmented into smaller chunks which are downloaded individually. So, even if there is an error in the network, you will not lose all your download data. Those smaller chunks are treated as individual units having their own connections and bandwidths.

The multipart download technology allows IDM Cracker to reuse the already available connections for downloading files. All the overhead re-connections and re-downloads are saved. This is what allows Internet Download Manager to have un-interrupted download and give a boost to the speed of downloads. Most download managers waste a lot of connection bandwidth and time requesting for extra connections and re-connections. IDM crack simply makes use of the old connections to save time.

Pause and Resume Downloads

Besides having the ability to download multiple files, this is a very neat feature of Internet Download Manager which makes it an absolute delight to use. While your files are being downloaded, you can simply pause any download and resume the download file as per your wish.

The list of all your downloads is clearly visible in the main window of IDM cracker. From there, you can simply select one or multiple files and pause them.

Internet Download Manager
IDM Cracker – Download Status

The downloads will pause and save the different segments of the download portion. Next time, when you resume any file, the file is downloaded from the point where you left it.

How cool it that? This feature is great when it comes to having power cuts and network failures.

Every time the internet goes off, or there is a trouble with the electricity, the downloads are auto paused. So, when the next time the conditions are right, your downloads will start from the place where it was last interrupted.

Complete Automation

Internet Download Manager can be used as a completely automated download tool. It has all the features that you would want in any download manager. It can resume downloads, pause downloads, start and stop downloads at a specified time.

Now, what makes this a complete automation tool is its ability to do ALL the work by itself. IDM Crack can allow you to connect to the Internet automatically at a specified time without any intervention from you.

It can then start the download of files that you specify. Then, once the downloads have finished, the manager can automatically shut down your computer for you.

Isn’t this some kind of tool that you would want to use? You will just need to switch on your computer and IDM will do the rest for you. From connecting to the Internet to download your file to shut down your computer.

IDM Crack can do all that for you without any intervention from your side. This is a VERY powerful feature that makes using Internet Download Manager much more interesting.

In-Built Virus Scanning    

One of the biggest challenges that we have these days is trusting a file that has been downloaded. There are so many websites which offer the same product and it is very confusing to trust everyone. There are many malware and viruses on the Internet and we have no idea where they might affect our system from. Also, it might be time-consuming to run a virus scan every time you download a new file.

Internet Download Manager is considered one of the best download managers because it consists of an in-built virus scanner for your downloaded files. Every time you download a file, IDM crack scans your files for viruses and potential threats to your computer.

Every time a new virus is found on the Internet, the IDM team tries to update their tool to protect you from such viruses. Your download files are scanned automatically as soon as they are downloaded to prevent you from using any harmful code on your system.

Drag and Drop Downloads

This is one interesting feature that you would want to know more about. When you download something, you would need to Right-click and click on Save as or copy the URL to a download manager. With Internet Download Manager, however, things are very fast and very elegant.

Instead of having to right-click and squinting your eyes to find the Save as an option, you can simply drag and drop the link. Here is how it works.

When you want to download something, you just drag the link and drop it on to Internet Download Manager Crack. It is as simple as that. This smart little feature makes IDM one of the most loved download managers in the market.

Internet Download Manager focuses on providing easy to use solutions for its clients. As most people use their mouse most of the times for interacting with the computer, IDM crack takes advantage of that. Instead of having to go through complicated long steps, simply drag and drop your download links.

Multi-Language Support of IDM Cracker 

As mentioned earlier, IDM is VERY user-friendly and its User Interface is designed to make your life simpler. But, not only is the User Interface designed keeping the user in mind, its language support is also designed for its users.

Internet Download Manager Crack supports 25+ languages for various countries. Here are a few languages that you can find IDM in: –

  1. Albanian
  2. Chinese
  3. Chinese Traditional
  4. English
  5. Finnish
  6. French
  7. German
  8. Greek
  9. Indonesian
  10. Italian
  11. Japanese
  12. Korean
  13. Portuguese
  14. Romanian
  15. Swedish

These are just the most common languages that are found around the world. If you cannot find your native language wish to help translate the interface in your own language, you can send translations over to the team. They will be happy to help translate the tool into your language.

You can change the language by simply going on the menu from View>Language. Then, you can select the language that you want to use IDM in and you can start using it normally.

OS Compatibility

What makes Internet Download Manager a worldwide selling tool is its ability to run on any Windows Operating system that uses it. It runs on the latest version of Windows 10 as well.

Internet Download Manager is compatible with both 32-bit version of Windows as well as a 64-bit version of Windows. From all old systems to all the new systems, IDM has users from all operating systems.

Browser Compatibility

Not only is the download manager compatible with all versions of windows, it is also compatible with all browsers in Windows. There are so many browsers available in Windows for everyone to use. But, Internet Download Manager takes care of its users.

It currently supports more than 150 browsers in Windows OS. Yes, you read that correct! There are so many available browsers and IDM crack supports almost all of them. Every new browser support is added on a regular basis to get more users.

It supports the most famous ones such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE), Opera, Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape, Avant Browser, MSN, AOL and a lot more. No matter what browser you are using, you can rest assured that you can use IDM easily on your browser.

Once you have installed Internet Download Manager Crack, you will notice that the application automatically integrates itself with the web browsers to all ease of access. You won’t need to open up IDM separately. It will be directly available to you from the web browser itself.

Every time you watch a video on any website and IDM has the ability to download the video, you will find a small toolbar appear. It is so easy to use and intuitive. You will be given an option to either start the download immediately or if you wish, you can schedule the video to be downloaded at a later time in the future.

Organize Downloaded Files    

After you have downloaded your files, it gets a bit cumbersome to organize and sort the files according to your requirements. But, Internet Download Manager (IDM) gives you the option to create rules to organize downloaded files.

You can define some general rules which help categorize the downloaded files into different folders based on certain conditions. By default, the files are organized into general, documents, music, videos etc. If your download file falls into any of these categories, your files will be automatically placed in those folders. However, there is no restriction to which files need to go where.

You can free to add/edit/remove any existing category. You can create your own categories with IDM so that you need not be prompted every time you download a file.

This helps the user be free of making decisions and do everything automatically in the background. The Internet Download Manager is meant to be a tool which can be used with the minimum amount of efforts from the user.

Other Features of IDM Cracker 

Internet Download Manager supports proxy servers, FTP and HTTP protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing.

There are tons and tons of features available in Internet Download Manager. These are just the most important ones. The more you use Internet Download Manager, the more in love you fall with it. Every day, you might find something that is useful for you.

Having so many features in just one tool is what makes Internet Download Manager Crack a loved tool amongst everyone. It is just a simple and easy-to-use tool from its very inception to its working. It integrates effortlessly into your workstation and makes the task of downloading and maintaining downloaded files easy.

The main point to take away from the list of features is that IDM is a very user-friendly and intuitive tool to use. Anyone can use it and learn to use it with the least amount of efforts.


Who is idm cracker download for?


Idm cracker download  is an all-rounder download manager which is easy to use and has a great user interface. Internet Download Manager can be used by anyone and everyone. Anyone who uses the internet wants to download something or the other from the Internet.

Internet users do not want to spend their time trying to figure out ways to download and manage their downloads. Moreover, they would want to be able to pause or resume download according to their wishes. In fact, some people might also want a tool which allows them to queue a download for a particular time in the future so that it can be done without their presence.


Here is the history of IDM Cracker tool 

Regular user

Anyone who uses the Internet normally for browsing the internet to learn new things and read the news will find it useful to use Internet Download Manager. Normally, they would want to download newspaper articles or PDF or text content from the web.

Internet Download Manager can help them to manage their documents quite easily. They can even create a rule so that their documents are saved separately in different folders as per their requirements.

Social Media Junkie

Social media junkies are the people who keep sharing their pics and videos on social media all the time. Mostly, the use of their smartphone enables them to upload their pictures, messages, and videos online. But, they also love to download videos from their friends on to their computers.

For such people, Internet Download Manager allows them to download and schedule their video and images download. Instead of filling up their download folder all at once, the user can choose to download a few images first and then download the rest of the data later.


Students are the ones who use the Internet the most. Many of the students use internet only to share files with their classmates. While others use it to learn something new from the Internet.

IDM Crack is useful for all types of students because of its ease of use. With internet download manager, students can download their assignment documents and also tutorial videos on their computers. They can define a few rules which will categorize assignments and lectures separately.

All their PDFs, DOCs, JPGs, MPEG-4s and all various formats of files can be downloaded easily. Students will not be overwhelmed by so many files in their download option. All they need to do is drag and drop the links and IDM will do the rest of the work for them.


Graphic designer, interior designer, and all other designers are the ones who will benefit the most from Internet Download Manager. Designers use huge software and even larger files to create content.

They often need to download GBs and GBs of data from the Internet to complete their projects. These large files take a lot of time to complete as well as give a lot of trouble. In case there is an error in the download process, designers are left with no other job than to just wait.

IDM Crack is a great help to designers when it comes to giving them the ability to download large files. Since it boosts the download speed by up to 5 times, it is very useful for the designers. The designers will save a lot of their time and can make their work more productive.


There is a vast majority of kids who use the Internet these days. Kids love to play games online which is very fun to them.

However, if Internet Download Manager is installed, it gives you an option to download Flash objects so that you can use them even offline. How great is that? Not only are you able to play the game once online, you can download the games and play it offline too.

IDM Crack is very helpful to kids also as it allows them to download their favorite games quickly and easily. The software is so easy to use, that even kids can operate it very easily.

Our Verdict

Since there are tons and tons of features that are available to use with the Internet Download Manager crack, it is our favorite download manager to use.

IDM is recommended to all those who use the internet and wish to download anything online. If you ever download anything on the internet, be sure to download Internet Download Manager crack first. This will save you a lot of time and effort in the future.

It is by far one of the best download managers available in the market without a doubt. Not only is it a great tool, the IDM community is also great which provides you with lots and lots of helpful tips.

They have an excellent support team which will be happy to answer all of your queries any time that you ask them. The support and developer team are quite friendly and the team is every growing.

Even the translations are growing regularly and anyone can contribute to making this tool accessible to people all over the globe.

All in all, we recommend this download IDM Cracker  to everyone.